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Web Hosting and Support, is it required?

By: Aaron Dennis

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Web Hosting and Support, are they needed? (in short the answer is YES YES YES) In this post we delve into why proper hosting and support is a mainstay requirement of your new website.

Just imagine, you’ve paid £30,000 and brought yourself a shiny new car, brand new, you even peeled the stickers off yourself. How does the car stay in this condition? Of course, your amazing driving skills, but what about under the engine? Would you seek assistance from a mechanic?

Websites are like finally tuned cars, yes, lots of people can build a website, but can anyone really make sure it’s fine tuned to keep you in business?

Website Hosting

Website hosting is like petrol, without it, you won’t have a website, simple. Website hosting utilises someone else’s computer, known as a server, to make your site visible. It’s the bread and butter of showing your newly built website. Now there are options, you can build a website and use a free website to host it, but just like putting diesel in petrol car, it’s not going to get you very far, possibly even giving your customers a bad experience. Then there’s cheap options, again, you could use them, but what if something goes wrong? Who’s there to help you out?

Web Support

Just like everything, life needs a little tweak every now and again, and websites are the same. Having the right support in place gives you piece of mind that everything is ticking along. Security on the web is a huge topic, there’s lots of odd people out there who are intent on bringing things down, so who’s looking after your web security? With a website, there’s content updates, plugin updates, security monitoring, up time monitoring, lots to keep an eye on. Web support, even if it’s just your basic updates, is super important.


As I’m sure you guessed, here at AaronDennis, we make all of this worry free. With all of our sites, you get our hosting (we use big name cloud hosting companies) and our support. We will never leave you high and dry with nowhere to turn too. We monitor your site for uptime (is it available), performance (is it fast), security (is it safe) and relevance (is it correct). We do all of this for a quite small monthly fee, after all, it’s our name alongside yours, so we treat your website as if it was our own.

We won’t ever try to oversell you on anything, that’s not what we’re about, we’re about ensuring that small businesses have a digital partner that they can trust to get the job done. For our customers, we’re at the end of the phone and email, ready to make sure that your site is safe, secure and up to date with easy-to-understand language and straight forward packages.

Even if we haven’t built your website, we’re more than happy to help you out and keep you secure.

Contact us now to talk about our services and the value we can provide to you.

Aaron Dennis

Hi, I’m Aaron Dennis, founder of Aaron Dennis Creative. With over 15 years experience, my aim is to bring my knowledge and creativity to small and medium companies, understanding your goals and ideas and translating them into glorious results.