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> Who are The HENLEY College?

The HENLEY College is a sixth form college for South Oxfordshire and the Thames Valley region steeped in a rich heritage , they offer a wide range of courses including over 60 A Level subjects and high achieving vocational diplomas.

> What were they looking for?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, along with the rest of the country, The HENLEY College had to go online, for most companies, including Henley, this meant adapting processes quickly and keeping their processes working smoothly. Their key process each year is Admissions and as such their student interviews had to switch to telephone interviews and they needed a way to book these students in for their interviews in order to offer places.

The HENLEY College approached AaronDennis to assist with a platform that would enable the easy scheduling of students for their interviews. They were looking for something that was easy for both students and staff, was consistent with their brand and a solution that could expand in the future to include the booking of events and other use cases.

> How did AaronDennis help?

AaronDennis assisted with their booking platform, ibookd is a managed platform maintained by AaronDennis that allows a feature rich user experience and meets the needs of the college perfectly. We continue to support The HENLEY College with the full management of this website and are on hand to assist whenever they need assistance.

> Can I see the finished project?

The HENLEY College Booking Platform and Website can be viewed here:

*If you need a functional website that serves a purpose, for bookings or other requirements, get in touch with AaronDennis now for a chat about how we can help.