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> Who are is rather interesting, primarily because, AaronDennis owns So who are they? Well, IBOOKD is a managed platform for small businesses who need to take bookings.

Prior to the pandemic, AaronDennis was working with a small business that had a need to take bookings, but they wanted it to be a fully branded experience, nothing like BookWhen, arguably a big player in the field.

AaronDennis set out to build an affordable platform where small businesses could take bookings without the need to pay for web site design, we still design the websites, but have come up with a system that means that we’re to make this affordable.

Of course, AaronDennis built the website (and compleated the branding), so we thought we’d showcase it here.

> Can I see the finished project?

The IBOOKD website can be accessed here: