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Inky Grubs


> Who are Inky Grubs?

Inky Grubs is a small independent greeting card company who rose up on Etsy in 2019. They sell all kinds of greeting cards from Birthday’s to Get Well Soon cards, some of which aren’t for the feint hearted.

> What were they looking for?

Inky Grubs sought out a company to help them with some management and tweaking of their Shopify store. Shopify is one of the world leaders in e-commerce websites. They had got off to a good start but wanted some assistance navigating the Shopify platform, making some tweaks to their store and general day to day best practice advice.

> How did AaronDennis help?

AaronDennis have been retained by InkyGrubs to provide assistance when they need it. We’re in the background as a true extension of their company to assist. Here at AaronDennis we get to know you and your business to become a long term adviser to you at the right moments that you need help.

> Can I see the finished project?

You can visit the Inky Grubs website here: