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Harmans Garden Services


> Who are Harmans Garden Services?

Harmans Garden Services is what it says on the tin, a small business to help you maintain your garden, mow the lawn, trim the bushes etc. They are a new small company operating in Reading, Berkshire building up their portfolio of customers with Rob at the helm.

> What were they looking for?

Harmans Garden Services were looking for a logo and some business cards to get them off the ground. Their work had picked up a bit and word of mouth good news stories were spreading so they wanted a little bit of help to get somewhat of a consistent brand for their customers.

> How did AaronDennis help?

AaronDennis took the time to understand where they were and craft a logo and some business cards to bring a consistent image and something to aid those word of mouth good news stories for the business. We continue to keep in touch with Rob and in the future, once the summer rush is over, will be working with Rob to get a website off the ground.

> Can I see the finished project?

Below you can see the logo that AaronDennis designed, a contemporary look and feel for them to be the small professional business that they are. In addition to the logo, we created and printed their business cards to be handed out to customers, friends and families, which in large type defines what they do and has hit the nail on the head for what they wanted.