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Becky Adams Photography


> Who is Becky Adams Photography?

Becky Adams Photography is a small independent Wedding Photographer operating in Berkshire in Surrey. With a background in the arts and creativity, her wedding photos speak for themselves.

> What were they looking for?

Becky came to AaronDennis on a recommendation looking for a brand new website, she had the domain, but wanted to show off the great work she was doing. Becky was looking for a very specific look and feel for the website and her niche in the Wedding Photography World. With a modern colour scheme and a need for a cool indy vibe, Becky chose AaronDennis to assist with crafting the perfect website.

> How did AaronDennis help?

We worked with Becky to chat a website with the cool indy look and feel that she was after. The website is optimised for both desktop and mobile and showcases her work in the world of wedding photography.

Once the website was built, AaronDennis sat down with Becky to show her the ropes, how to update content and add images.

AaronDennis continues to host, support and manage the website on behalf of Becky making suggestions and edits when needed. This is a great example of how AaronDennis is an extension of your business, continuing to work with you for the success of your business.

> Can I see the finished project?

You can view the Becky Adams Photography website here: