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Meet the designer, Aaron Dennis…

By: Aaron Dennis

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Hello, I’m Aaron, I thought it would be a good idea to write an introductory ‘meet the designer’ about me and my company AaronDennis.

Aaron Dennis – The Man

Aaron Dennis, who is he… Husband, Dad, Dog Dad, Business Man, IT Handyman, DIY Supremo and a huge procrastinator…

Truth is Aaron loves to be creative, having worked in many industries over his career he’s got a head bursting full of ideas to help you on your way.

Aaron lives and works from home in Reading, Berkshire with his family, can always be found with a cup of tea and quite potentially with Star Trek on in the background!

If you do get in touch with AaronDennis, you’ll be sure to speak with Aaron.

AaronDennis – The Company

AaronDennis Creative started in 2016, 6 years ago. Originally Aaron was a Contract IT Consultant in London, moving from business to business helping out where needed, so that was when AaronDennis was launched.

In the early years Aaron dabbled with websites and some creative design for friends and family, the old mantra, he works in IT, so he can do it… As someone who hates to say no, Aaron learnt and actually enjoyed building websites and being creative.

The company has gone through several styles over the years, much with trends things change and everything needs a shakeup.

AaronDennis is here to help small and medium businesses on their journey to consistent branding and design.

We would’t position ourselves as a no frills company, we’re not EasyJet, but what we are is a company that’s proud to be small and work with the most amazing companies to bring their visions to light.

Get in touch with Aaron now to discuss your ideas and plans, we’re always ready for a conversation and to build a long lasting and fruitful relationship with you and your business.

Aaron Dennis

Hi, I’m Aaron Dennis, founder of Aaron Dennis Creative. With over 15 years experience, my aim is to bring my knowledge and creativity to small and medium companies, understanding your goals and ideas and translating them into glorious results.